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ASOCHENFHO introduces itself to AHNA

On January 18, the president of the ASOCHENFHOASOCHENFHO presented herself to AHNA in a ZOOM meeting with members of the AHNA board of directors.

AHNA is the American Association of Holistic Nurses. Its mission is to illuminate holism in nursing practice, community, advocacy, research, and education.

AHNA's vision is a world where every nurse is a holistic nurse.

American Holistic Nurses Association

Our president, Jacqueline Wigodski, thanked the interest in getting to know our association and thanked ASOCHENFHO for the invitation to be part of the International Network of Holistic Nursing, together with Canada, Italy and Japan, to share and hold joint events.

Roxane Chan, president of AHNA, offered to share and support us in our growth as a holistic nursing association in Chile.

ASOCHENFHO President in ZOOM meeting with AHNA Board members: President Roxane Chan PhD, RN, AHN-BC, Executive Director Terri Roberts J.D., R.N. and Treasurer Christine Argenbright, PhD, RN, CNL.

We are very happy with this contact and the good relations that we will establish with them, relations of support in investigations and the activities that we carry out.

The union with AHNA will bring us many benefits.



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